For well over 20 years, pizzas have been our specialty. It’s the delicious favourite that few food lovers can resist. We make 18,000,000 pizzas per year or 55 miles per week if laid end to end, so you can rest assured we know what we are talking about! At Uin, one of the leading chilled pizza suppliers, we create just the right pizzas for our customers at great value.

We can customise the right private label value pizzas …from traditional, thick or thin bases to kids’ favourites containing hidden goodness!

"Our dedicated team is focused on you, our customer. We work very closely with you to develop high quality products that stand out on shelf and effectively meet consumer needs."
John, Managing Director

The driving force behind the success of Uin Foods, is a group of dedicated individuals with more than 100 years of experience in food manufacturing and the food industry. Our whole team are united in their commitment to drive growth for our customers by constantly supplying the products they want.