Welcome to UIN Foods

Uin Foods success lies in its awareness that skill and attention to detail are at a premium. Our company mantra is "We never forget every pizza we make is someone’s next meal."

As a leading chilled Value Pizza manufacturer we at Uin know what to put in and what to leave out!

These days value is high on everyone’s agenda but not everyone knows how to deliver it. Leaving stuff out is not enough: just as important is what we put in.

Like taste and quality. We also think the secret lies in skill, knowing what's what.

We produce 18,000,000 pizzas per year or 55 miles per week if laid end to end. We use only quality ingredients including 60 tonne of flour per week, 12 tonne of cheese per week, 350 tonne of tomato puree per year. So you could say we are ‘Pizza connoisseurs’!!

We know what to put in

We never forget: every pizza we make is someone's next meal.
We use state of the art equipment.
We stick to what sells best: great value pizza.
We are proud to serve the biggest retailers and meet their needs.
We make sure of quality by engaging great suppliers.
Simple ingredients
We constantly train our staff - many have gained SVQ's.

We also know what to leave out.

Saving on energy, watching how we use time and finding the best sources of supply.

  • Waste - We watch our time, our resources and we keep to our targets.
  • Middlemen - We don't need them (and our customers don't pay for them).
  • Supply - We work with our customers to give them what they want.
  • Energy - We work to reduce our use of energy and natural resources.

However, we don’t rest on our laurel’s, we know what's next

  • Change- Business never stays still and competition is tough.
  • Innovation - Means changing step to meet our customer’s needs, fast.
  • New products - We have professional in-house resources to support our clients.
  • Practical knowledge - We make sure new always means better.